Understanding Towing Regulations in Virginia

The state of Virginia has a governing body that is responsible for regulating towing and recovery companies. This body has the authority to create ordinances, with the advice of an advisory board, to ensure that all towing and recovery companies are following the law. According to Articles 46, 2-1233, 2, (i), any towing and recovery company that has custody of a towed vehicle without the consent of its owner must impose storage charges for that period. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

According to Articles 46.2-1118, vehicles that have been towed due to a mechanical breakdown or accident and are taken to the nearest repair center that can provide the required service are exempt from these regulations. It is important for all Virginia residents to understand the regulations surrounding towing and recovery companies in order to protect their rights and ensure that they are not taken advantage of. Knowing the laws can help you make sure that you are not charged unfairly for any services you may need.

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