Do Towing Services Offer Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Towing and roadside assistance are two distinct services, although they may be included in the same package. Towing is for when your car isn't working and needs to be moved to a safe place, such as your home or an auto repair shop. Roadside assistance, on the other hand, is designed to get your vehicle moving again.

AAA Roadside Assistance

is one of the most reliable services available, with a fleet of over 63,000 tow trucks and road service across the country.

If you have a breakdown and need roadside assistance for your car or truck, AAA can help you get back on the road. If our technician can't unlock your vehicle, your AAA towing benefit will cover moving the vehicle to an approved service center. Once you have exceeded your membership's towing limit, you will be charged fees based on the current rates of the AAA towing service provider for the area in which you are located and must be paid at the time of service. As a member, you can request roadside assistance for any vehicle you are in.

You must be with the vehicle and photo identification is required at the time of service. AAA is more than just towing services. As an AAA member, your roadside assistance benefits go beyond towing. Using a digital road request to request road service is one of the biggest advantages of emergency towing services.

You can also compare side-by-side the costs of having a roadside assistance plan and what you could end up paying out of pocket for a tow truck or other services. The primary purpose of emergency towing services is to move a vehicle when the driver cannot return to the road without assistance. If you're far from home and not familiar with the service providers available, you may have to cross your fingers and hope for the best when you request a tow truck. If your car breaks down near your home, you can directly call a reliable repair shop or towing service that you've worked with before.

It can also take a while to get help if you're in a rural area away from a locksmith, mechanic, or towing service, or if you're in a busy city at rush hour. If your car needs to be towed to a repair shop, you can probably ride with the tow truck driver. If you have emergency road service coverage and your vehicle breaks down or becomes unusable, we'll pay for reasonable emergency services. AAA members are assigned a certain number of trailers included in their membership, but the number of trailers and the number of miles traveled vary by club and membership level.

If you call a towing company directly and there's a truck near your location, you may be able to get service faster than if you called a roadside assistance plan.

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