Understanding the Procedures for Vehicle Storage During a Tow Job

When it comes to towing and storage rates after a car accident, it's essential to comprehend the process. You cannot make a monetary exchange with the towing service that removes a vehicle from your property. Nor can you accept money from a towing service that removes vehicles from your property. In the case of an emergency, contact (80) 529-3111 or dial 911.

When the contract is authorized, the officer will issue a subpoena and inform the Communications Division of the violation. There is no need for the officer to remain on site until the vehicle is towed or to complete an inventory form. The HPD-48 Towed Car Inventory Form HPD-48 is a receipt that shows the condition and contents of the vehicle at the time of delivery to the tow truck driver. Accurately completed forms can help refute charges of negligence, carelessness, or theft in driving towed vehicles. The item requesting the trailer will keep the copy for 30 days. Except for situations contemplated in Section 290-11 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), all contracted towing companies must accept credit card or cash payments.

All contracted towing companies on Oahu must remain available 24 hours a day, every day. Officers will document towing disputes on public and private property, including an unrecoverable vehicle due to the closure of a towing company, in a miscellaneous public report. Vehicles that are left unattended on public and private property without the authorization of the owner or occupant may be removed, provided that the owner or occupant of the property has published a notice prohibiting unauthorized parking on the property, in accordance with Section 290-11 of the HRS. The owner, occupant, or person in charge of the property are required to hire a towing company to carry out the move, and the owner of the vehicle is required to bear the costs. When discussing towing or storage without consent, it's important to remember that you will be charged for the towing process and for any storage fees. You may have to pay a processing fee as well as a “cleaning fee”.

Sometimes, tow truck drivers will have to remove auto parts from the road. This is usually just part of their job and you shouldn't be billed for that type of activity. However, there are times when you may be billed for cleaning. A non-consensual trailer is defined as the towing or transportation of a motor vehicle (in accordance with Title 14 of Connecticut State Law). In some cases, disputes arise because tow truck drivers do not accept credit cards for payment or some other complaint arises about the trailer or its applicable charges. To exercise this right, you must be either the owner of the property, renter, or an authorized representative.

The vehicle must also be removed by a professional towing service. You can also add your crane (s) during this process to obtain your emergency crane permit (cabin card). If your vehicle is being towed with your consent, you can certainly tell the tow truck driver where you want it deposited. Each authorized user of the trailer query system must have their own individual email address in order to be assigned a username for it. Keep in mind that tow truck drivers probably took photographs or videos of your vehicle before it was towed. If a vehicle is in process of being hooked up or is hooked up to a tow truck and its owner shows up at the scene, then they will unhook it and not charge any fees.

This avoids having to go to both trailer depot and body shop which can save on storage costs, administrative costs and towing costs. For vehicles under 10,000 pounds there is a fixed fee for all services needed for preparing it for towing. Your vehicle may have been towed following instructions from law enforcement officer “present at scene” if you were not present at time when it was required. If you pay this fee then tow service operator is required by law to provide you with detailed and signed receipt. Form HPD-48 from towed car inventory is receipt that shows condition and contents of vehicle at time when it was delivered to tow truck driver. If your car was damaged during either tow or storage and tow company refuses responsibility then contact CLSMF for legal advice. Article 715.07 of Florida Statute does not apply when it comes to police or emergency services purposes nor do its rules apply when it comes police or emergency service vehicles. Inform Communications Division when vehicle has been towed and provide description and license number as well as name of tow company.

When talking about towing with consent, you can tell tow truck driver where you want vehicle deposited.


As an expert in this field, I understand how important it is for owners and occupants of properties where vehicles are being towed from to understand their rights and responsibilities in such situations. They should also be aware that they may be charged fees for processing and cleaning if their vehicles are being towed without their consent. Finally, they should know that they can contact CLSMF if their car was damaged during either tow or storage and tow company refuses responsibility.

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