Towing Oversized Loads: What You Need to Know

When it comes to towing services, there are certain special procedures that must be followed when dealing with oversized loads. To ensure safety and compliance, all necessary safety equipment, vehicle maintenance and platform data plates, boom and wheel lift must be in the vehicle and working properly. In addition, the City of Chicago has established an information-sharing partnership with the insurance industry to help locate towed vehicles and reunite them with their owners. To keep abandoned vehicles off city streets, Chicago uses cranes from private sector contractors.

For a motor carrier to become certified to operate as a crane carrier, they must ensure that all drivers have and maintain current certification, that all vehicles used for towing are currently certified, and that these certifications are maintained. In 1989, the City began an innovative program that assigned the towing of garbage vehicles to private towing companies. This program has been successful in keeping illegally parked vehicles off bus stops, crosswalks, loading areas and other places where they cannot be parked. When it comes to oversized loads during a tow job, there are several important steps that must be taken. First, the driver must make sure that all safety equipment is in place and functioning properly.

This includes the platform data plates, boom and wheel lift. Additionally, the driver must ensure that all certifications are up-to-date and valid. Once these steps have been taken, the driver can then begin the process of loading the oversized load onto the tow truck. This process requires careful planning and coordination between the driver and any other personnel involved in the job.

The driver must also be aware of any local laws or regulations regarding oversized loads. Finally, once the load is secured on the tow truck, it is important for the driver to follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding transportation of oversized loads. This includes ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained before beginning the journey. Additionally, it is important for the driver to be aware of any potential hazards or obstacles along the route. By following these special procedures for oversized loads during a tow job, drivers can ensure that their job is done safely and efficiently.

Additionally, they can help keep abandoned vehicles off city streets and reunite them with their owners.

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